Here Today…Gone Tomorrow…Maybe

At the beginning of relationships we think they will go on forever…ad infinitum..then all of a sudden ad nausum…this is the way they go for people change, minds change, emotions change and for sure sexual attraction changes…so read on and enjoy if you will



It seems so very long ago
We walked together
Hand in hand
Lifetimes came and went around

We shared in many different things
Our hearts and minds grew wings
We soared so very high
Yet our feet stayed on the ground


One day you were no longer there
A different path had opened up
One that led far far away
From me

The Way

No other way to go
Some one else had come to show
The vagrancies of life to you
It mattered not 

A labyrinth or maze
Is what you chose
Hiding in the light of day
So very far away
From me

The Magic Chariot

A magic chariot
All gleaming gold
Wheels turning endlessly
White unicorns in front

Brightness shining all around
No-one comes to see 
All have long since disappeared
Except for me

Yet alone I never can be
For deep within such clarity
Of knowing that the Traveller
Always is with me

Never Alone Again

A Being with such illumined Light
Is in all of us you see
If you will close your eyes and look
Drop back deep inside of you
Make contact there so wonderful
Never again will find your self alone

Take heed of this 
When next in doubt and fear you go
Turn back into the beauty of your self
Never never let it go….

and so it is


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The Moody Blues…A Dedication

This is a dedication to one of the all time great Rock bands..with videos of the some of their great music…enjoy

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writer extra ordinair…./3181doon/vhfpx16i/

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