My Steed and Me…….


a horse ..a horse
my queendom for a horse
one so strong
between my thighs to hold~~~

i ride him through skies of time
expanding universal space
opening  all the time in me
as deeper
deeper he goes~~~

i cannot check his steaming nose
his mane of curling hair
rubbing ‘gainst my soft white flesh
tearing to the bone~~~

pain intense
delight filled too
converging in screams from both
my steed and me~~~

now the sky grows dark around
on horizon purple-ed shades peep
souls of those who cannot sleep
wander restlessly
searching endlessly for release~~~

i wave my Sword of Light
carryeth doth the Words of Love
bestow-ed  by the Mighty One
to be used only For The Highest Good~~~

sparks of loving energy emit
lost souls to rest are laid
i hear the sounds of thankfulness issuing forth
melodies sublime~~~

i breathe a prayer of thanks
again my work is done
i too can rest
cradled in the arms of God~~~

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Tree of Life


below the Tree of Life
its roots grow strong
able to withstand
whatever comes its way~~~

so let it be for you
as through life you make your way
slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
cannot harm
will miss their mark~~~

when shineth your heart with inner glow
seen by those who recognize…
a joyful sound of bells is heard
carrying high into the sky~~~

harps are played
angels dance amongst the stars
their wings around you wrapped
cradling you ~~~

Tree of Life grows strong
shading all who shelter ‘neath its branches
always has done
always will~~~

a sign that we are loved
each one of us
by the Supreme One~~~

and So It IS~~~~

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Celebrating Poets – Carolina Natan

via Celebrating Poets – Carolina Natan

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Ascending …That Which Is…

No matter how you travel you will in time reach into That Which Is…malignancy now lays heavy on the land through people who only in darkness dwell but this too will change…and the glory of the Light will be in All…

Into midst of time She flew
No knowing where to go
Where She ought to be
Drifting in eternity
Waiting for reflection
Light to shine
Again seen through infinity~~~

Sound to be heard
Chords increasing concurrently
Deepening one on the other
Heavenly music~~~

Her path still unknown
Enduring to the end
Mighty are they who do
Spiritual Warriors through space and time~~~

Dark now had become
No day arrived
Timelessness adjunct to

All this part of Her who knew
Keys had She to open ways
Universe to universe
And beyond~~~

Magnificent colours
Purple hued
Sound of angels

Silence reigned
Hearts together came
Oneness finding ways
Together they flew~~~

Silence everywhere
In the beginning it was so
Till man with all his noise arrived
Taking quietness away~~~

Lifting his voice above others
Trying so hard to be heard
His malignancy
His ignorance~~~

Not realizing he
An aberration had become
As others too
Who took away
Leaving nothing in return~~~

No peace or quietness
Just noise and ugliness
Their faces
Portrayal of this
So clearly read

Are you one of these
Probably are
Aryans chose this path
Except for a few
Hard they are to find~~~

These the ones who hide
In solitariness
Yet bliss it is to be
One so free~~~

Able to move beyond space and time
Higher echelons to climb
Where peace and quiet still reign~~~

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be it for me or for the world
i do not know
as mist gathers
wraiths appear~~~

dark clouds overhead
angel statues
white marbled
still beautiful in their deadness~~~

gates bar the way
to eternal freedom
white snow covers Tree of Life
bells toll their dirge~~~

doors are locked
peeling wood
grey mist down steps doth curl
She in white gown awaits~~~

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Breath of Life


sea horses plume
against the sands
fall to nothing
under water i survive
bubbles of light filling
no breath needed
God breatheth me~~~

all night words
through me have poured
like lenses of a camera

my Traveller
He said to me
experience all
then let it go~~~

and be a mighty Soul..~~~

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A Journey Beyond….

A Journey Beyond…..(c) 2018


Night has a thousand eyes
each probing infinity
cross star lit skies
vast emptiness contained~~~

yet in the firmament
many Realms of Light appear
Schools of Mystery
where great learnings take place~~~

man cannot journey there in mortal form
his corporal body is left behind
and in altered consciousness alone
can he visit and learn~~~

a golden chord will keep you safe
if frightened you may become
not able to return safely
into your mortal body~~~

silly one
when your time has come
you will not return anyway
in much higher place will be~~~

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