Happenings again….


Warrior knght in burnished armor comes
Hittite King is glorious
once ruled in what now is Turkey
bringing honour and acclaim~~~

like all kingdoms
came and went
now nothing remains
only a memory~~~

White lady
beautiful is She
lifting high above the clouds
fair is Her rainment
dark is Her hair~~~

come She will
when you do pray
for a child of God is She
bringing to humanity
love and light and harmony~~~

neverending are the works of man
through poetry and music
photography and art
for gifted he has become
able to share his gift with many~~~

walk you may
the proverbial mile
searching for you know not what
you think it bears a shape or form
something you can see and touch~~~

one day realise you will
your search is really for you
and when finding this glorious One
how joyful you will be~~~~

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The Owl and the Pussy Cat and the tale involved..

starred Page By cnwriter..carolina, 19th Sep 2012 http://nut.bz/3-7jo8-r/
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this is a convoluted piece on a well known piece told in a different way…a very different way…like i or like it not…it still gets written a tale to tell…

The owl and the pussy cat one wonderfilled day
Came up from the country and decided to stay
They had seen so much on their journey to here
And now they agreed as friends really should
That their life in the city could be very good~~~
Depending of course on which position they took up, down or 69
It mattered not for all can be enjoyed
or so they say~~~

Into this choosing choice there came a glitch
Owl cried oh what a bitch
You crazy cross eyed cat I did’nt see
Your fur is all mangy and your tail is gone
who bit it off!!!~~~

My my you silly old owl the cat did reply
Your wings are torn your beak is so weak
You even do not know how to speak
All you can say is too wit too woo
Parading your feathers like a tu tu~~~

in response the owl did reply
Once sleek and svele and so fast you were
In ancient Egypt’s halls worshipped you Bast
The Cat God so high~~~

Ha ha the cross eyed cat replied
And you as Thoth your beak it grew long
Your head on a human body was formed
Till died it did and all that is left is you
A bird on a tree fidle deedee~~~

The cat’s eyes flashed her claws sharply bent
The owl he did fly and bite the cat on her neck
Her blood drip dripped dying ground red
The cat her tail lashed out and toppled the owl onto his back
With claws waving high into the air the owl then began to swear
and overhead the blue blue sky looked down and wondered why~~~

and that is all I have to tell
about the way the cat and the owl went to hell…

Meet the author
author avatarcnwriter..carolina
I have been writing on food, wine, travel, cosmic creation and erotica for over 30 years I do horoscopes and numerology and light readings.

author avatarJohn Kolyav
20th Sep 2012 (#)Very funny. This is how married life in modern days end! Thank you very much for sharing this imagery
author avatarSivaramakrishnan A
20th Sep 2012 (#)The fault lines and words come fast and furious till they ended up where they deserved! Hope we too can learn lessons from this tale. A remarkable video share too. Thanks Carolina – siva

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She…again cometh

Again She came
translucent robe around Her clung
embroidered butterflies thereon
upon Her head  a silver-ed diadem
pearls on fingers long and slim~~~

Queen of Fairies
She doth be
behind followed Her entourage
their work to safeguard
keep any harm away from Her~~~

people from all around came to see
touch the places Her feet had been
for magic issued forth from Her
blessings for everyone~~~

Moon lit up the darkened world
HIs beams shone bright
passageways became
through the enveloping night~~~

they who knew
upward flew to lands of  mystery
learning wisdoms sublime
moving beyond space and time~~~

Fairy Queen
smiled She
Her heart with loving overflowed
to those who ventured
as did She
into the great Beyond~~~


Lei venne di nuovo
tunica traslucida attorno al suo aggrappato
farfalle ricamate su di esso
sulla sua testa un diadema argentato
perle sulle dita lunghe e sottili ~~~

Regina delle fate
Lei lo è
dietro seguì il suo entourage
il loro lavoro per salvaguardare
tenere lontano qualsiasi danno da lei ~~~

persone da tutto il mondo venivano a vedere
toccare i punti in cui erano stati i suoi piedi
per magia emessa da lei
benedizioni per tutti ~~~

La luna illuminava il mondo oscurato
I suoi raggi splendevano luminosi
i passaggi sono diventati
attraverso la notte avvolgente ~~~

quelli che sapevano
verso l’alto volò verso terre misteriose
apprendere saggezza sublime
andare oltre lo spazio e il tempo ~~~

Fata regina
sorrise lei
Il suo cuore pieno d’amore traboccò
a coloro che si sono avventurati
come ha fatto lei
nel grande Beyond ~~~

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an ambiguity of words
twixt It and me
startling my mind
webs of matter
complex in entirety
yet smoothly running
sparkling along diamond shores
piercing the heart
blood drips unto the ground
soaking deep
blessing the land
fruitful it becomes
vegetation green appears
flowers waxy white
touch poisoned fingers become
cannot stop the stream
beguiling it seems
a journey leading on and on
painted steps to nowhere go
words in three time play
becoming sound
ultimate decisions to be made
matters not
ending same for everyone~~~~

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through eternity our love did blossom
like the blossom of a tree
from small beginning
becoming more as time sped on

we laughed and danced
era to era
like the rings on bark of tree
marking times of passing

our bodies met in sinuous movement
thigh to thigh
heart to heart
lips to lips
such joy filled completion
thee and me~~~

and as the branches soared
heaven upward
we too soared high
never returning downwards
our journey now completed~~~

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per l’eternità il nostro amore è sbocciato
come il fiore di un albero
dal piccolo inizio
diventando più col passare del tempo
raccolta ~~~

abbiamo riso e ballato
un’era all’altra
come gli anelli sulla corteccia dell’albero
segnando i tempi di passaggio
gloriosamente ~~~

i nostri corpi si incontrarono in un movimento sinuoso
coscia a coscia
cuore a cuore
labbra a labbra
tale gioia ha riempito il completamento
io e te ~~~

e mentre i rami si alzavano
il cielo verso l’alto
anche noi siamo saliti in alto
non tornare mai verso il basso
il nostro viaggio ora è completato ~~~

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Need or Want…

need i do you like parched land needs rain
like fire need flame
like body needs love
like life needs fusion
thee and me
so often i wade through nothingness
of mind
strange thoughts pass through
waving stalks of dark melancholy
shorn from their natural course
now lie like straws on ground
more important than want
need from deep within doth come
want illusionary
so often is
place them together
a fire will burn
put out by rain
drowned in sludge
muck and mire~~~
so hard to lift one leg after another
sucked into abyss
i fall headlong
never to know of need or want again…
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Our World is coming to….

man playeth on instrument of life
man counteth his ill gotten gains
man puts debris in a small pot
i wonder if he still is alive~~~

getting taken over we be
by technology
being cloned
being copied
whilst young forgotten their humanity
so immersed in cell phones are~~~

walking on street
in cafes
on buses
in cars
their fkin fingers click away
their faces mindless ~~~

click click click
is all they hear or see
like sheep become
dress alike
talk alike
nothing worth listening to for sure~~~

this is what the world is coming to…..

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A Journey though Body and Aura….

blood drips down speedily
blood runs through exceedingly
blood carrying life force in body~~~

fascia a covering within
constantly changing
working underneath the skin~~~

veins transport life giving blood
muscles strong needed are they
flexible too~~~

bones need calcium
Chi Gong will help
pilates good to do~~~

aura surrounds the body beautifully
grreen for healing
red for energy
orange will sustain when in need
yelow brings wisdom
blue mental power
purple transmutes
white brings ALL~~~

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She …Bringer of Dreams…


At night She rises
from deep place within
celebrating the moon~~~~

Her gaze
light years traverses
through infinity~~~

Where She comes from no-one knows
She is the Bringer of Dreams
as you turn restlessly in bed
fast asleep~~~

Across your forehead
She lightly runs Her fingers
a sweet caress~~~

Third eye opens
you see into dimensions
never seen before~~~

This the magic of Her touch will do~~~

Boatman awaits silently
knowing soon She will arrive
body immersed in waters around
His job to take Her far beyond
where other side of eternity lies~~~

this he will do most willingly
he knows Her oh so well
She bringer of Dreams doth be~~~~

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