Cosmic Creation…Transcendence Divine

starred Page By cnwriter..carolina, 28th Apr 2013
this is dedicated to my brother Nicholas for walking with me through this life in such a magnificent way..a great Spiritual Warrior is He***
Not yet created into form only the vivid dream of the Mighty One She and another of Her kind traverse passageways of Light through eternal space. We are all dreams being dreamed by God and so all our realities are illusions here in the physical body…
Silken sheets of weightless being gleamed
Shimmering colours passing through
By human eyes never before seen
Transcendance divine ~~~
To this paradise of Light and Sound
Came She
Stepping softly
Tiny feet pattered over soft white snow
Never cold
Warmed by the joy She felt inside
Still part of a vivid dream~~~
Long periods of time passed by
Yugas came and went
Each distilling forth its own modality
Always though of good intent~~~
Created by the Mighty One
Convergences of matter rare
Growing flowing everywhere
Diverse in intention be~~~
Spiritual Warrior
Into the stillness did arrive
A Warrior of purest Light
His purple aura shining bright
Stretch-ed everywhere 
Encompassing all~~~
His face its pale sheen 
Reflecting like a mirror
The loving so supreme
That from his heart did spring~~~
He one of the Traveller’s team
Dedicated to service
Caring and sharing
Lifting all those who came~~~
`n flowing rhythm they did dance
Across  universes infinite
Finding passageways of light sublime
Traversing between above around~~~
Her face with joy did shine
Knowing another of Her kind
Spiritual Warriors they be
Dedicated to Light and Sound
Teachings of the Mighty One~~~
and so they are***

About carolanloving

am living my life in a caring, loving way and focusing on extending that loving to all. Poetry writing is my passion. I have gone through many experiences on my way home to God and all have assisted me in being who I AM today...a woman of wisdom and knowledge and Love and a Priestess in the Melchizedek Priesthood.
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5 Responses to Cosmic Creation…Transcendence Divine

  1. Manic Sylph says:

    This one is so beautiful… a captivating story 🌷

  2. many thanks dear Manic…i appreciate very much..
    can you tell me how to add pictures to my poems..

    all my wonderful pics on G+ have gone…oh dear me…hundreds of them…

    • Manic Sylph says:

      You mean here? When you write your post, you have to click on add and media and then browse for your picture from your computer, then click on insert. If you still have any trouble, please ask again.
      It is definitely sad about G+ :((
      I missed your comment because you didn’t reply to me, you wrote a new comment and that doesn’t show me any notifications. I came looking for it because you said you commented. Please hit reply on my comment so I can catch it quickly.
      Lots of love ♥

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  4. i tried to leave a comment but get air messages hope this works…i clicked on reply but it dont work

    thanks for the info how to add images

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