Muse of the New Renaissance~~~


cometh on stage with pointed blade
part of play is She
Medusa snakes around Her play
darting fangs~~~

dead victim lies at feet
blood red now Her blade
La Dame sans Mercy
Her name~~~

yet She of the New Renaissance be
new ways of happening
dead are the old
cold as stone~~~

Her heart groweth so
indignity piled upon
none can escape Her rage
red hot
burning all around~~~

knowing many wisdoms of the Spiritual Heart
I too will burn any negativity from you
if near me or my loved ones it doth come
you will walk away never to return~~~

image Edmund Mucha

About carolanloving

am living my life in a caring, loving way and focusing on extending that loving to all. Poetry writing is my passion. I have gone through many experiences on my way home to God and all have assisted me in being who I AM today...a woman of wisdom and knowledge and Love and a Priestess in the Melchizedek Priesthood.
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