Light and Sound…

LIght and Sound where cometh from
Word spoken in Beginning
a void there was
detailed by the Supreme One~~~

Knowing of Itself
dimensons vast to explore
Word made flesh
billions of years it took before we came
humanity manifest~~~

Cosmic creation throughout infinity
eternal beingness
divinity contained
a spark
call-ed now a soul~~~

journey your soul will through many lifetimes
on earth sun and moon
sojourns on planets
on other universes
learning wisdoms
clearing karmic patterns
so much to do~~~

one day each will return to its Maker
Supreme One
that the spiritual Promise given
not one soul will be lost~~~

and so it is….

About carolanloving

am living my life in a caring, loving way and focusing on extending that loving to all. Poetry writing is my passion. I have gone through many experiences on my way home to God and all have assisted me in being who I AM today...a woman of wisdom and knowledge and Love and a Priestess in the Melchizedek Priesthood.
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5 Responses to Light and Sound…

  1. Manic Sylph says:

    Such a beautiful description of the journey… an enlightening poem!

  2. thank you again dear Manic…you Know as i do how we travel in otherworldliness

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