an ambiguity of words
twixt It and me
startling my mind
webs of matter
complex in entirety
yet smoothly running
sparkling along diamond shores
piercing the heart
blood drips unto the ground
soaking deep
blessing the land
fruitful it becomes
vegetation green appears
flowers waxy white
touch poisoned fingers become
cannot stop the stream
beguiling it seems
a journey leading on and on
painted steps to nowhere go
words in three time play
becoming sound
ultimate decisions to be made
matters not
ending same for everyone~~~~

About carolanloving

am living my life in a caring, loving way and focusing on extending that loving to all. Poetry writing is my passion. I have gone through many experiences on my way home to God and all have assisted me in being who I AM today...a woman of wisdom and knowledge and Love and a Priestess in the Melchizedek Priesthood.
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