Light and Sound…

LIght and Sound where cometh from
Word spoken in Beginning
a void there was
detailed by the Supreme One~~~

Knowing of Itself
dimensons vast to explore
Word made flesh
billions of years it took before we came
humanity manifest~~~

Cosmic creation throughout infinity
eternal beingness
divinity contained
a spark
call-ed now a soul~~~

journey your soul will through many lifetimes
on earth sun and moon
sojourns on planets
on other universes
learning wisdoms
clearing karmic patterns
so much to do~~~

one day each will return to its Maker
Supreme One
that the spiritual Promise given
not one soul will be lost~~~

and so it is….

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Painted for Emily

nothing is really what it seems
when playing in the court of queens
red drips down from up above
lands on ground covered in blood~~~

illusions sprout like purple weeds
delusions blind all seeing
tendrils of waving scorpion legs
issuing forth like furtive seeds~~~

deep deep they fall
entwined in rich black loam
sprouting flowers of dark red hue
stamens at heart entwined~~~

nothig is what it really seems
playing in the court of queens
floating on a a sea of blood
crashing ‘gainst the torn and bloody shore~~~

legs and arms go swirling by
caught up in the winds of chance
where kings and princes do their dance
stately bowing harlequin pants~~~

delusionary it all be when playing in the court of queens~~~

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My Vampyre Novel…at least some of it….

She lifted her head her bloody jaws dripping
Then she looked down and saw the lolling head of a young child
His golden curls were damp and curled like ringlets around his ears
In amazement she realized she had drunk again.

She knew she had promised herself never again to do this
But in that moment of need, there had been no other way
Either die herself or partake of the delicious young blood offered so innocently to her. She could not refuse. She remembered blue eyes looking up at her filled with love and in the instant of her teeth sinking into the upturned neck, a memory of times long gone passed through her mind.

It seemed only yesterday that she had been the mother of two beautiful children and lived in the old city of Marradakian on the edge of the desert in Asiatica. There they had lived a charmed life in a large villa overlooking the lake of Tangaria. Because of the dryness of the air, the city architects had constructed this lake in the center of the sprawling town so people living there could visit when the air was dry and gritty sand blew in from the desert. Lush green foliage grew alongside the water’s edge and trees of every type climbed up to the feet of the mountains that surrounded the city A city that had grown so rapidly since the trade route between Chinisia far to the south and Marradakian had been established.  Now people of every colour and race gathered in the marketplaces selling their goods.  The dark skinned Numidians from the far off lands of Punte;  the high whites from distant Britannica and the noble countries of Romagna and Gaulitza.  The blue painted people from Irelandia and Waledia, all bringing their strange wares and customs into this thriving metropolis.  Besides these they brought new gods and goddesses whom they worshipped in a variety of ways that seemed strange to the people of Marradakian who knew of only one Deity, the Pan God of Sulex who was worshipped for his sexual prowess and blood offerings.  I knew all about this but had decided that it was not really what I wanted to have in my life so I ignored the calling each day to go and worship at the Pan God’s shrine in the center of the city.  Instead I pretended that my children needed me at that hour. I had no idea that all who attended were given a mark of esteem and all who stayed away received a black mark against them.

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Painted Words Lost…..


doors banging in the wind
small feet pattering along passageways of time
circumventing ~~~

blown away our love
like rain drops falling
drip drip from broken eaves~~~

never completed
the joy of our hearts
left to wander wanting
wondering how it would have been~~~

masturbate you may under the tree
but no release for you
taken away the final moment
pulled from you by heavy hands~~~

wind sighs
knowing the loneliness of your heart
the piteous pain you suffer
left alone again~~~

once the skies were blue
now dark they are
heavy with night
with dolour~~~

you walk the streets
a shadow become
your thoughs float like nuggets of coal around you
burning the fire within~~~

coalesced into screaming voices
like banshees howling
echoing through caverns
breaking into particles~~~

there is no relief
no escape
your mind has taken you far from your self
never to return~~~

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The Golden Temple….

Through Golden Temple wandered She
walls of gleaming crystal
floors of onyx …blue kyanite
from heart of Traveller shone blessed light~~~

Thus came She
not knowing of Her journey’s end
Yet willing to express Her Light
Her Beingness~~~

Deep within Her
flame burned bright
Purple rays beamed all around

sickle moon atop Her head~~~

In far off realm this Temple lies
on side of mountain way up high
surrounded by sparkling stream
running waters melodic sound~~~

a place of peace
where you can visit if you will by going deep within your Self
you will be well pleased~~~

incredible video by my very dear Rexsy

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Gibbous Moon…and me….


waxing gibbous Moon doth be
halved…all we can see
yet bright in starless night~~~

my friend the Moon doth call to me
as i sit pondering at life
He says forget all that
non-entity be
instead come visit me~~~

i lift above the earthly form
into my otherworldliness
light as air
fragile as the finest porcelain~~~

drifting in the universe
a spark of brightest Light
able to travel where ere i wish
no barriers are there for me~~~

deep below the surface now
mountains rear up on either side
visiting my friend the Moon
we talk about so many things
thoughts transfer feelings and sound~~~

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a moment in time can be eternity
a brush with life
a dreamer’s dream
a fantasy~~~

a magic lantern burning bright
lighting up the starless night
powdered shapes run rife
images of what once was~~~

reflections in mirror
as if me looking at me
a haunting specter
there to see~~~

time cometh
goeth so rapidly
living it  a work of perseverance be

more than this i cannot know
can only measure time
as NOW
for that is all there is~~~

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What One Country can Do…A Picture to Paint


echoes i hear from across the land
blaring out they be
messages of doom and gloom
they tell~~~

downfall of a once great country
now caught in meshes of greed
gluttony …political infamy~~~

influenced other countries with their
poisoned foods and chemicals
upset Nature’s natural balance
destroyed flora and fauna in seas
air filled with pollution
streets with homeless
mindless people waddling around~~~

ice caps melting
oceans rising
open pits sinking
machines used under ground creating earthquakes..tornadoes, tsunamis and simiar things~~~

thousands manipulated into medications
side effects are killing them
doctors forgotten their Hippocratic Oath
now work at the bidding of their masters Big Pharm



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And It Is SO>>>>

and so it is…….

where thou goest
i go too
no matter where it be
land of milk and honey
land of mystery~~~

what thou seeest
i will too
dark or light
mattereth not
magical it will be~~~

when thou speaketh
i will listen to
voice so soft
a timbre sweet indeed~~~

when thou singeth
happy i will be
heralding new beginnings
joyous melodies~~~

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Desire..A Love Poem

i ride mine horse
between my thighs he lies
taking me to passions high
sometimes bucks
piecing me~~~

care not i for the pain
for pain oft passion be
higher and higher reacheth he
i choke on his explosion inside of me
i scream
higher he bucks~~~

i ride mine horse between my thighs
he rideth me in ecstasy
along side of sea
spune covers his hooves
creamed by me~~~

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