Energie of Love


if you would come with me
share i would happenings magical
transport you to another place
where only is mystery
but caught you are in physicality

forgotten have you the energie of Love
that which holds Universes together
now so sunken you have become
in things of the world~~~

so long ago when first you fell from Grace of God
not knowing you could return
caught up became in things of the flesh
now dwell you under Law of Man~~~

but not One soul will be lost
and All will Return into the Heart of God
even if a million lifetimes takes***

About carolanloving

am living my life in a caring, loving way and focusing on extending that loving to all. Poetry writing is my passion. I have gone through many experiences on my way home to God and all have assisted me in being who I AM today...a woman of wisdom and knowledge and Love and a Priestess in the Melchizedek Priesthood.
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4 Responses to Energie of Love

  1. Manic Sylph says:

    So uplifting! The heart of God is great!

  2. you too dearest Manic…hugs and love ♥

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